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Deborah is a lifetime entrepreneur. Private investigations has been the cornerstone of her career for over 30 years. The experiences she has acquired from it, has allowed Deborah to expand her expertise into other arenas, such as a paralegal, mediator, life coach, handwriting therapist and a certified hypnosis practitioner. Being spiritually gifted and a natural intuitive gives her the ability to connect with people quickly.

Since 2014, Deborah has been the acting Executive Director for the Council of Families for Children, a 501C 3 devoted to families who have children dealing with mental health issues.

Using a lifetime of experience and her incredible abilities as a public speaker and teacher, Deborah has had the opportunity to speak and teach to thousands of family members and professionals. By doing so, Deborah is also sharing with them, the needs of children and their caregivers when dealing with a mental illness and the concept of whole health – mind, body and soul.

Deborah is a contributing writer to Chicken Soup of the Soul: Children with Special Needs. Deborah has over 20 books available on and also helps others publish and promote their own books as well.

Besides her professional interests, Deborah is active in her community by serving as a child advocate and also providing pro bono services monthly to women in need.

Strengths and Talents:

  • Private Investigator – Licensed – State of Texas
  • Winslow Profiles Director
  • Trained Paralegal
  • Certified Small Business Mediator
  • Certified Forensic Handwriting Analysis
  • Handwriting Formation Therapist and International Trainer
  • Continuing Education Instructor – Private Investigative Field
  • National Trainer- Family Programs – Mental Health Field
  • Public Speaker
  • Published Author/Writer
  • Developer and Trainer of C.H.U.N.K. – Using Your Core Emotional Response
  • Author of numerous books and curriculum, all available on
  • Interactive, Intuitive Entertainer
  • Certified Coach and Trainer

  • Certified Hypnosis Practitioner
  • Certificated Paralegal
  • Certified Small Business Mediator
  • Continuing Education Instructor
    Advocate for children, and their families


Why you would like Deborah Rose at your function!

1.Highly original and insightful content.

Deborah creates her own content and presents her ideas in unique ways, so you needn't worry about hearing the same old stories. Without a doubt Deborah is one of the most unusual and memorable speakers you'll hear.

2. Credibility from direct experience.

Whether it's dealing with the legal system, investigating business’s and what makes them tick or providing information about mental health and how families can support one another, Deborah’s expertise comes from first-hand experience. With subject matter too elaborate to list in it’s entirety, Deborah can also customize presentations for your specific conference or business meeting with a 6 week notice.

3. Focus on practical results.

Deborah emphasizes results-oriented, NLP based strategies in her personal growth presentations. She challenges people to consider problems from multiple perspectives and to implement realistic, holistic solutions.

4. Creative humor and wit.

Deborah understands the importance of keeping the audience fully engaged, and she takes full advantage of her unique style of humor, much of which is spontaneous. Deborah is not a comedienne, but with her joyful approach to life(why not be joyful when you consider the alternative), Deborah believes it is not just care and love, but the ability to laugh at ourselves that’s makes life bountiful.



Deborah provided training to the Juvenile Probation PO's and other community providers that work with children and families that have a mental health diagnosis. The training was exceptional, thought provoking and informative. Her energy, presence, and skill level added to the presentation. Her enthusiasm and ability to "work the audience" helped to provide the staff with innovative up to date information regarding mental health issues and current/future trainings for families and their children. We appreciated her professional as well as her personal expertise.

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Creative

- Linda Duke


Deborah's energy, optimism, intelligence, creativity, organization, outgoing personality and excellence at what she does has made her a delight to work with. She achieves wonderful results.Top qualities: Great Results, High Integrity, Creative

- Bonnie Cord - Attorney


Deborah is a bright and insightful author who is able to capture the essence of the topic with gentle humor, all the while pulling the heartstrings of the soul.

- Lisa Teschner, Executive Director, NAMI Dallas, Inc.


I hired Deborah and she really educated me on how PI works. Great to work with!

Top qualities: Personable, Expert, On Time

- Mark Berry


Deborah is truly one of a kind. Her research skills are unparalleled. When she performs due diligence, Deborah really digs deep for details that make all the difference when making important decisions. I wholeheartedly recommend Deborah.

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert

- Michael Davis


Deborah is a true professional. Her attention to detail and customer service admirable. I would highly recommend her and her services.

-Lance Wirtanen, Vice President, IBI Global


Deborah's response is prompt, concise, and accurate. It is easy to work with her company.

Top qualities: Good Value, On Time, High Integrity

- Mary Wilson-Keener


Deborah has provided effective and efficient private investigative services each time I have hired her firm. Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, On Time

- Rich Lehmann


I have known Deborah and her company for about a year, and in my opinion her professionalism, reliability, and discretion can be relied on completely.

- William Brandon


Thank you, Deb! You are a mighty woman of God, given to promote a well spirit, moving with love and kindness, while speaking TRUTH.

Blessings - Kathy

Personal, spiritual clients:

Karen C. - You are an amazing intuitive you get to the heart of the matter instantly even through the phone I knew the 1st time that I spoke with you that you were the right one for doing the house blessing and clearing. You read me instantly and completely I didn't have to tell you a word You read me instantly and completely I didn't have to tell you a word.

Tanya L. - Deborah saved my marriage and helped me to find my dignity and self esteem when three other professionals had failed.  I am thankful.

Sara M. - I had a home in old historical area of town. We had some off and on odd experiences thru the years. Kids and I we having odd dreams and the house felt heavy. So I hired Deborah to come do a house cleansing and blessing. She tapped into issues the house had immediately and cleared entity and blessed the land. It was all done with loving intentions and clearing for the highest good of all. Everything feels better and very satisfying to know that every area and all door and window was blessed with the land. She was able to see and interpret the actions that caused unrest to land and home from more than a 100 yrs ago. Energy leaves a imprint. We are so happy and the house is happy.

Jane H. - Shortly after moving back to the old house in Virginia I began to experience an overwhelming infestation of flies in one of the upstairs bedrooms. I could spray with Hot Shot, vacuum & an hour later have 2 inches deep piles of flies dead & alive in the windows. I called Deborah for advice. She gave me a strategy of things to do & a couple of days later, no more flies. (One of the original owners died in that room in the late 1920s or early 30s) The old house was built about 1892 as the Superintendent's house for the Poorhouse Farm. 2 buildings were built behind it, one for the women & one for men. Only one still stands. I was told by Deborah that I had 2 confederate soldiers who did not know they were dead. One and half years after I removed them I was talking with my boss and another person and told that story along with many others. My boss ask if I recalled the people being here 2 years earlier doing reality TV. I did recall the guys. She then told me they had filmed in the oldest building. One guy came running around, very frightened & announced that 2 men dressed in confederate uniforms were chasing him. Deborah was able to see this and help me clear this area in Virginia, while she was working remotely from Dallas.

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