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Change Your Handwriting!

Change Your Life!

Harmonious Handwriting Therapy

Harmony Through Handwriting (HTH) is a form of cognitive therapy accomplished through handwriting exercises specifically designed to bring about more desirable personality traits. By doing so, you are accomplishing a gradual retraining of the subconscious mind.

HHT helps you start healing from the past and begin living your life the way you want to live it. The letters occur in the order that reflects their individual meaning, tracing the pattern of progressive human development and awakening: our emergence from infancy through maturity into wisdom.

The benefits of HHT have consistently amazed those who completed the exercise courses. Problems of shyness, depression, suicidal tendencies, hypersensitivity, addiction, severe introversion, insecurity, low ego, and low self-confidence, as well as mental confusion have been completely corrected, erased, or reversed.

HHT is not an untested theory. It is a proven psychological treatment. The efficacy of HHT was tested clinically in France and is used regularly in cases of nervousness, addictions, and various needs for improvement. This is also fabulous treatment for victims of domestic violence including sexual, emotional and physical abuse. The HHT theory states “why does one need to constantly waste their internal energy by reliving the painful past over and over as traditional therapy or psychology would dictate?” HHT recognizes that one cannot change what has previously occurred and utilizes the same internal energy to eliminate the pain of the past and to create a more productive future.

Do these questions apply to you or someone you know?

  • Have you always wanted to become more outgoing?
  • Are you a victim of domestic violence?
  • Unhappy with your job or career?
  • Do you have addictions you'd like to shake?
  • Are you tired of attracting the “bad” type of person in your relationships?
  • Do you just feel unfulfilled in your life?
  • When you look in the mirror - whom do you see?
  • Does your behavior keep getting you in trouble with the law?
  • Are you too busy taking care of everyone else that you do not take the time to listen to your own needs?
  • Contemplating a divorce? (Don’t make a mistake - couple therapy is available)
  • Is your child or teen running wild?
  • Are you concerned about someone you love?

HHT can help calm the brain, allowing the writer to become more relaxed, better organized, or to deal with past trauma in a non-threatening format. It is important to understand that we write the way we do for a reason and this is why HTH should be undertaken with the guidance of a trained professional.

Call for more information:  972-494-3232

Talk and Traditional Therapy vs HHT

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